Medical Practices Depend Heavily on Their IT Systems

Electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management systems are revolutionizing healthcare and streamlining the way doctors and medical professionals access and share information. However, many existing systems weren't designed for a large volume of sharing, and the resulting network congestion can negatively impact patient care. Continuous uptime, security of the network and safeguarding patient records is mission critical to every medical practice regardless of size.

A true medical-grade network is an environment that will support your clinical and IT applications alike. Datalink Networks designs and implements medical-grade networks by using industry best practice network architecture guidelines, including wireless site audits and capacity planning.

Technology is transforming today's hospitals. From giving physicians and clinicians instant, secure access to critical patient information, to tracking very important patients, we have the solution. Datalink Networks gives healthcare professionals, patients, partners and visitors the tools they need to stay connected and productive anytime, anywhere.

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