BDR: What Business Continuity Is - and Is NOT

Do you have a good Backup Disaster Recovery solution in place to guard against disaster like a ransomware attack? Is it on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid cloud backup? 96% of SMBs with BDR report complete recovery from ransomware. A full 40% do not.
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Backing up your data is like brushing your teeth: It's basic computer hygiene you probably learned when you booted up your first PC. But backup is not enough. Unless you can restore your data -quickly - after a ransomware attack or outage, your company is at risk.

How Indivior Finds a Cure with Office 365 Functionality

Another in a series of case studies showing real-world examples of how Office 365 facilitates teamwork by all kinds of organizations:

Office 365 Empowers a School to Take a Different Approach

In this clip, Datalink Networks, Inc. takes a look at how technology is transforming learning and preparing students for the future at Broadclyst School. Microsoft Office 365 and devices form the foundation for a rich curriculum that teaches children important skills they'll need as they enter the workforce and move through life.

Securing Office 365 with a Second Layer of Protection 

Office 365 has turned out to be a revolutionary product for Microsoft. By subscribing to the complete suite of Office productivity tools in the cloud, organizations of all types and sizes can:

Avaya's Wide Unified Communications Portfolio Has a Product For Every Sized Business

The Datalink Networks team is pleased to announce that we have added products and services from Avaya to our Unified Communications portfolio. We are especially excited about the telecom giant’s new cloud offerings. Last month, we had the opportunity to interview the company's SMB products and services with Jonathan Buckle, Area Channel Leader - US West at Avaya. In Part 1, Jonathan talked about how emerging from Chapter 11 has left Avaya with a renewed sense of energy.  Here we discussed  the company's wide portfolio of SMB products and services.