Four Reasons Why Cloud Technology Rocks the Workplace

Industry pundits termed Tuesday's release of Skype for Business as a component of Office 365 a "game changer," for Microsoft's directive to host Enterprise Voice in the cloud. In our opinion, this is the most exciting development in office cloud technology. The best is yet to come.

Catch our five essential Skype for Business resources here.


Ford Uses Microsoft Azure To Seamlessly Update Cars

Ford Motor Company is powering their business with the cloud in a big, bold way: By debuting a new, hybrid cloud-based service that will allow car owners to upgrade their in-vehicle infotainment systems automatically -- and like many of our customers, when it came to choosing a platform to run it on, they selected Microsoft Azure. 

Why Tax and Accounting Professionals Should Take a Walk in the Cloud

Cloud technology like Microsoft Azure and Office 365 are not just convenient - they add an extra layer of security and compliance for your data, as many tax professionals have discovered recently. 

Update Your Technology, Give Your SMB the Edge it Needs [Infographic]

Technology has been a boon for small and mid-sized businesses: productivity gains from modern data centers and cloud-based services have allowed organizations with small staffs to compete with the Enterprise big boys. But there's a hitch: Your technology has a shelf life, and as innovation offers new and better tools, organizations must choose when and how to adjust. 

And if you are still running your network on Windows Server 2003, your day of reckoning is NOW

Small Businesses Seek to Take off with the Cloud

Cloud Computing is maturing. There are now plenty of case studies illustrating how small businesses are harnessing Enterprise level efficiency by deploying Cloud services like Azure and Office 365. Learn how easy it can be for your business at Datalink Networks’ next Power Your Business with the Cloud event: October 28 at Roy’s Restaurant in Pasadena.