Network Security: Malware Will Continue to Multiply Like Bad Rabbits

The editors at ZDNet have proclaimed 2017 The Year of Ransomware, and no wonder. Our network security news feeds this year have been full of warnings about malware variants with names like Petya, NotPetya, WannaCry - and last month's outbreak, which was dubbed Bad Rabbit.

Just Say "Nyet" to Petya Variants

It happened: Just weeks after the WannaCry cyberattack infected some 230,000 machines in 150 companies,  a new wave of ransomware began infecting and locking computers around the globe.

K12 Campus Security Addressed at EdTech IT Summit

According to a recent survey from the Consortium of School Networks, nearly half of K12 schools devote less than 4% of their budgets to security - a frightening statistic, as networks expand to accommodate an ever-increasing number of endpoints... and catastrophic threats from phishing and ransomware have grown worldwide.  And fewer than one-third (27%) of the nation's schools reported that they have a staffer dedicated to monitor network security.

Hackers Are Always on the Hunt

As I'm sure you've seen, WannaCrypt Ransomware is making headlines everywhere.  Numbers are still rising from the number of businesses and countries that have been directly impacted by this, and the security community is anticipating further attacks that are much harder to stop this coming week.

It goes to show that hackers are always on the hunt, could your business be the next victim?