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IT Solutions for Commercial Enterprises

Vince Salvo

"We turned to Datalink Networks and found an amazing solution that saved us approximately $50,000 and met all of our bandwidth needs and performance."

- Vince Salvo, Carmichael International
Los Angeles, CA

Team Member

Let's get a great testimonial from another of our commercial customers: Stonefire Grill, Cacique, Clay Lacey Aviation? Another?

- Kat, Company XYZ

Solutions for Commercial Enterprises

Building a Robust IT Infrastructure So You Can Concentrate on Business

Managed Services for your commercial enterprise can assure that you will have a team of fully accredited, experienced and knowledgeable engineers, ready to solve all of your retail IT issues - from hardware to connectivity.  Your network is monitored 24x7x365 and IT helpdesk services are available whenever your employees need it. 

Commercial Data Storage:  Between customer data, product data and data relating to your various buyers' channels, you likely have a huge need for storage that is fast, reliable, compliant, and secure . By collecting, classifying and storing all of your data effectively, you will be laying the foundation that you need to become an agile business that is driven by the different data that you collect. And if your legacy storage solution is not be up to par, your team may be wasting time on maintenance and support that could be spend on more productive endeavors - at a huge cost to your business.

Migrating your data center to the Cloud will enable you to deliver a seamless customer experience at every touch point, while providing you with a solid platform that is designed for growth. Whether you choose a public, private or hybrid cloud , your users will be able to access business critical applications seamlessly, on any device. And secure, compliant cloud services will allow you to scale up at reduced costs.

Your users and guests expect reliable Public WiFi in all your locations. Customers not only demand it - but it can become a useful tool to track their needs,  strengthen your brand - and even make the sale. The log-in page to your wireless network can serve as a portal to collect usable data on your clients, which can be used by your marketing team to build a more solid relationship over time. 

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