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IT Consulting and Planning

Selecting a Technology Partner

Successful technology projects require assessments and planning – and often, the advice of a good consultant who can supplement the expertise of your team and guide you to a smooth deployment.

A great enterprise IT consultant:

  • Is expert, experienced, and on top of the ever-changing technology landscape.
  • Communicates not just technology concepts, but how they benefit your business and its stakeholders.
  • Can offer your team multiple solutions in order to consider the plan that best fits your business
  • Will deliver you a positive return on your investment
Datalink Networks Staff

Why Choose Datalink Networks

With over 30 years of experience serving mid-market and Enterprise clients throughout Southern California, Datalink Networks has the track record to be your enterprise IT partner.

We go beyond the scope of  traditional advisers:  We’re engineering entrepreneurs who value creative agility in tackling business priorities. We will take ownership of your challenges as we assess your current infrastructure and help your transition to seamless, scalable, and affordable new technologies that will deliver benefits to your users and meet your long-term business goals.

We have successfully designed and implemented solutions throughout the Southland, for industries that include financial services, insurance, retail, healthcare, life sciences, utilities, manufacturing, government, and education.

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IT Infrastructure Assessments

Knowledge is power, so any new technology plan should start with an assessment of your current environment. An IT infrastructure assessment will help you determine the systems, practices, and priorities that can better meet the present and future needs of your organization.

Once we achieve a comprehensive understanding of your present IT infrastructure and challenges, we will work with your team to identify the people, processes and solutions needed to meet your goals.  These project deliverables are then assigned comprehensive tests cases to clearly define and ensure success.  Throughout the process, we will collaborating with your team to create and meet realistic timelines based on resource availability. 

Technology Design Plans and Proof of Concept (POC)

Our design plans provide your organization with the following information:

  • Key system performance attributes required
  • Detailed engineering specifications and diagrams
  • Key system security attributes required
  • Support for key network standards
  • Detailed engineering resource schedule
  • Detailed project schedule


Our experienced engineering team will collaborate with you to deliver a seamless deployment from start to finish. Cooperation and communication throughout this phase contributes to the project’s success - meeting your business objective in the most time- and cost-effective way possible.

What Can We Do For You? 

Contact us by phone at 1-877-IT-SERVE (1-877-487-3783) or schedule an appointment: