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IT Solutions for Education & the Classroom

Secure and Scalable Campus Networks

Datalink Networks delivers customized, cost-effective IT solutions to help educational institutions—from K-12 to colleges and universities—to meet the most demanding challenges. Our strategic partnerships in education provide great value to the schools, colleges and universities we serve. Whether working within a Microsoft or Google environment, our campus agreements and  cloud and networking infrastructure can provide the technology foundation to deliver the many services that schools require today.


  • Secure wireless access systems for students and faculty
  • Distributed network environments across dormitories, laboratories and classroom buildings
  • Advanced network architecture to support application-sharing and file-sharing resources
  • Layered security, including network, system and access controls
  • Customized collaboration applications and call-handling architecture
  • Infrastructure for new buildings and cabling upgrades

Data Center

Educational institutions are struggling to do more with less. Despite diminishing funds, schools are under increasing pressure to do more. Datalink Networks has experience with both K-12 and higher education institutions and can provide IT solutions that enable a richer experience for both faculty and students.

Our education technology solutions can deliver:

  • Better access to course materials and student records
  • Efficient management of computers and servers
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved network performance
  • Cloud computing solutions

Unified Communications

Unified Communications provide a single network that connects voice, video and data over standard desk phones, classroom phones and mobile devices.

  • Single campus wide paging systems
  • Emergency notification systems
  • Video conferencing on and off campus
  • Campus wide projection systems that provide rich content presentation
  • A single IP network delivers connected voice, video and data, enabling faster, more effective communications
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