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"We receive in excess of 100,000 emails per day, most with document attachments needed and used by our organization to provide services to our clients, and we send over 25,000 emails per day – most with attached reports and/or Excel files to our clients.   

Datalink Networks  completed a review of our email security service and recommended we replace our existing provider with Barracuda Networks Essentials service, which combines in one package email filtering for inbound and outbound emails, advanced threat protection, including sandboxing, archiving and eDiscovery for compliance and continuity in the event O365 services were lost.  

Barracuda enables our heavy email volumes without impacting mail box storage by providing “detach services,” which strip email attachments and send them to on-site storage and archiving. This also improves the speed of searching for and retrieving archived attachments. 

Our email security package included Barracuda Sentinel, which utilizes AI to scan and detect phishing emails that our previous service was not able to find. It also provides a tool to enforce DMARC, which allows us to detect and prevent fraudulent usage of our domain.  We believe that this service has already enhanced our security corporate wide.   

- Steve Murdoch
Manager, Information Systems & Technology
Carmichael International Service
533 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Michael Dekel

"I called Datalink Networks to help me replace my existing  MSP that had not provided the support that my business  required.  The Datalink Networks team responded that same day with an on-site meeting and an emergency support plan.  They listened to my concerns about my pain points, and my service requirements. 

Their first step was to audit my network, place monitoring tools on my critical network assets, and to create a go-forward plan. This included service targets to keep my infrastructure up and running 24X7.   

In short, they did their homework to understand my network,  my service requirements, and my budget - BEFORE any commercial discussions took place.   

I would recommend Datalink Networks to any business owner who wants to think less about IT and more about running their business.  These guys are pros!"


- Michael Dekel, Founder and President
FoilFlex Products, Inc.
Valencia, CA

Vic Chalabian

"Today’s threats come from many different directions in cyberspace, particularly for an institution that serves the general public, like Birmingham Community Charter High School.

We wanted a report that identified all of our security weaknesses in an unbiased comprehensive and holistic way. Datalink Networks reports delivered on that need.

The security reports measure our security perimeter defense, our internal security threats, and our security policies. The review also assessed us a benchmark score of our overall security level, as well as a plan to bolster our defense and meet compliance requirements.

This service has been fundamental in the development of our overall cyber security strategy."


- Vic Chalabian, IT Director
Birmingham Community Charter
High School

Van Nuys, CA

Stan Foster

"Datalink Network’s security engineers provided us a comprehensive network documentation package and identified ongoing issues that we were not aware of, which we were able to resolve quickly.

They also provided us with some new hosting and cloud service options that we had organizationally set our sights on, but didn’t think we could implement or afford these options at this time. Datalink provided us with a means to implement our wish-list services immediately and saved us money in the process!

We see great value in continuing the security assessment service as well as our association with Datalink Networks, as we continue to migrate our data and technical services from on-premise to the cloud."

- Stan Foster, Vice President
California Miramar University
San Diego, CA

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