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By Gabrielle Morris on June 15, 2021

We all know cybersecurity is important, regardless of the size or industry of your organization. Endpoint Security  is a huge part of that, especially if you have users working remotely or accessing work documents through mobile devices. Microsoft, the leader in all things technology, has its own solution for endpoint protection- Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. If your organization doesn't already utilize an endpoint protection tool, here's one to consider. 

By Gabrielle Morris
on June 09, 2021

You've heard it before- cybercriminals are becoming more and more advanced. Cyberattacks against business devices are on the rise. For this reason, it’s absolutely crucial that your organization, whether a fortune 500 company or a 5-person team, has an effective cybersecurity plan in place to detect and stop attacks. An important part of this should be implementing strong endpoint security on all of your company devices, with a management portal that allows you to monitor and update your endpoints from anywhere.

By Gabrielle Morris
on June 07, 2021

With cybercrime on the rise and 95% of breaches coming from human error, organizations need to be more careful than ever with their overall security. As some employees remain at home and others begin coming back into the office, you need to ensure that the devices they use to access work data are secured and compliant. Do you have a plan to wipe data if an employee's laptop is stolen or lost? What if they start accessing work documents on a personal laptop with minimal security? If you don't already have a solution in place to solve these potential problems, Mobile Device Management is a great place to start. 

By Gabrielle Morris
on May 17, 2021

As more organizations adopt a work-from-anywhere or hybrid work model, flexibility in technology is becoming a requirement. Regardless of what device your users are on, having the same tools across all of them is key to their productivity. Give your users the flexibility they need through Microsoft Azure Lab Services. 

By Gabrielle Morris
on May 11, 2021

For any organization running Microsoft Office 365, backing up the data living within your suit is crucial. Despite Microsoft’s advanced security features, data loss is an issue that user's often come across. 

There are many reasons behind data loss: external threats, accidental data deletion, and more. Your company needs to keep its crucial data secure to avoid financial and reputational risks In this blog, we will explore why backing up Office 365 is important, critical features you should look for when searching for a backup solution, and our top recommended solutions. 

By Gabrielle Morris
on May 03, 2021

With the sudden shift to remote work, many companies have been scrambling to modernize their working environments. At the forefront of this trend is the need to streamline communication for a gloablly distributed workforce.

In this guide, we’ll look at how companies can modernize their telephony infrastructure using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

By Gabrielle Morris
on April 16, 2021

Does your organization use Microsoft or Office 365? Are you certain that you are getting the most out of your Microsoft environment? If not, you are not alone. Often,  IT teams setting up, deploying, or changing aspects of the environment are unaware of who is actually adopting the application and who isn't. Without the right tools, communication, and process the money your organization is spending on your Microsoft licensing and the overall environment can be wasted. To learn how to the get most out of your licensing, keep reading.   

By Gabrielle Morris
on April 09, 2021

With the cost of a data breach averaging $3.86 million as of 2020, it's no surprise that more organizations than ever are increasing their cybersecurity budget. While there are hundreds of things your organization can do to limit your exposure, what you really need is a robust and comprehensive plan to lock down your network. 

By Hillary Ramirez
on April 08, 2021

What is a Network Security Assessment? 

In a nutshell, a network security assessment is essentially an audit within your organization's IT environment. Think of it as a review of your network's security measures, which is meant to find vulnerabilities in your system. In the end, the purpose of a network security assessment is to keep your networks, devices, and data secure by discovering any potential cyber-threats - both internal and external to the organization.