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Microsoft Teams Management

Without careful governance, an uncontrolled Microsoft Teams environment can worsen some of the problems it's intended to solve:

Get the most out of your Microsoft Teams Environment. Datalink Networks specializes in license optimization, improved admin oversight, and improving efficiency. No matter the complexity of your organization, Datalink Networks can help you make the most out of your Microsoft license!

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All Microsoft 365 Administration in One Place

Datalink Networks IT leaders today are asked to make Microsoft Teams do more and more heavy lifting. But how do you know if Teams is being used effectively, not just for basic collaboration, but telephony and those all-important video meetings? Microsoft 365 administrators need deep visibility across their Teams environments, to ensure that the increase in collaboration isn't also increasing the chaos and security vulnerabilities


Better Value

Get more out of your Microsoft Teams investment by optimizing licenses, driving adoption, and ensuring everything is under control.


Improved Oversight

Identify and manage security and compliance gaps with real-time visibility into everything from breach attempts to policy violations.


Better Efficiency

Turn hours or even days of work into just a few clicks with automation that does the heavy lifting on manual, repetitive tasks.

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Manage & Secure Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great communication and collaboration tool, and with the increase in remote and hybrid work, usage is skyrocketing. But when Microsoft Teams is out of control, it can make collaboration worse:

  • Creating silos of information
  • Sprawling channels
  • Risky practices leading to data loss nightmares

We help you get full oversight of your Teams environment, helping you get the full value of the tool at full speed - so you can adapt to whatever comes next. 

During a personalized demo, we focus on Microsoft Teams Management and governance, with our product being built to make these practices easier and less complicated.

Specifically, we dive into the functionality of two tabs within our dashboard — Analyze and Manage — which are designed to help users gather insight about their tenant(s), and then send that intel into a powerful workflow engine using automation.

This only just scratches the surface of what we’re capable of providing with the CoreView team. 

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Why Choose Datalink Networks Teams Management Provider? 

Governance and Compliance

Maintain security and enforce both internal policies and compliance requirements with CoreView and Datalink Networks. 

Adoption and Usage  

CoreView expands the available usage information, offering deep and rich reporting on exactly what's going on in your Teams environment.

Lifecycle Management

Our reports let you take action immediately - so you can schedule a regular attestation report, then address anything you find. Or take it to the next level with automation that fixes the issue.


Our Microsoft Teams Advanced Add-On gives you additional data on call and meeting quality, while also providing visibility into how telephony features are being used within your organization.

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