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30 Years of Doing Windows

Donna Mills

Donna Mills About The Author

Nov 12

8407.WindowsLogosDo you remember your first Windows PC?

Sunday was the 30th anniversary of the Windows operating system, which surprised me because I did not use Windows until version 3.0 (which makes me part of a very large section of the computing population: that version was the one that put Microsoft Windows on the map).

Today, Windows is the world’s most popular computer operating system, with a market share exceeding 80%.

This week’s anniversary marked the operating system’s unveiling, just months after the debut of Apple’s Lisa. Another surprise for those of us who mistakenly believed that the success of Apple’s graphical user interface took Microsoft by surprise. It turns out that both companies were engaged in an arms race to build and release a GUI simultaneously.

The actual release of Windows 1.0 didn’t occur until 1985.

We’ve all come a long way, as illustrated in this hysterical promotional video featuring a young Steve Ballmer:


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