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Build a Powerful, Secure Network That Grows With Your Business [Infographic]

Donna Mills

Donna Mills About The Author

Mar 29

Is your business one of the 7 in 10 that gets complaints about poor Wi-Fi? Newsflash – your wireless network may not be the problem.

Your wired network is also critical to Wi-Fi performance, enabling you to:

  • Connecting people and ideas
  • Supporting the increase in mobility
  • Elevating connectivity

Scale Your Network for 802.11ac Wave 1 & Wave 2

The infographic below explains it all:



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Network Security Assessments

Do you know what's lurking in your network? Datalink Networks LAN vulnerability scans are the key to rooting out threats and developing a security plan to keep them out. Our assessment includes:

  • Scans in front and behind the network firewall
  • Active Directory Vulnerability Scan
  • Network Design/Topology Review
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