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Apple Watch and BYOD: How to Stay Safe?

Daniel Daughtery

Daniel Daughtery About The Author

Apr 10

Office 365 Helps Solve BYOD Security ProblemsNew Office 365 Helps with BYOD securityDemand for user devices is expected to jump exponentially with the opening of sales today for the  Apple watch. No wonder 74% of all US businesses have instituted or are in the process of drafting BYOD policies.  The explosion of devices and the apps they foster is the stuff of security nightmares for a network administrator. But Microsoft has just rolled out a new Office 365 feature that will make you rest a lot easier.

Microsoft's new Office 365 security feature will help address the concerns and allow business owners to embrace the BYOD revolution. Microsoft introduced the Mobile Device Management for allows users to safeguard information in three ways:

1) Conditional Access: This allows users to set up security policies on devices that connect to Office 365 to ensure that corporate email and documents can be accessed only on phones and tablets that are managed by your company and are compliant.

2) Device Management: Set and manage security policies such as device-level pin lock and jailbreak detection to help prevent unauthorized users from accessing corporate email and data on a device when it is lost or stolen.

3) Selective Swipe: Easily remove Office 365 company data from an employee’s device while leaving their personal data in place.

These three features are "built-in and are included at no additional cost in all Office 365 commercial plans, including Business, Enterprise, EDU and Government plans." If you wish to receive more security, there are additional measures that you can now take with additional Microsoft applications.

The above features are a huge indicator that companies know the importance of BYOD and are looking to continue the expansion, as well as, making it safer to use.

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