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How to Establish Business Continuity?

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Do you have a good Backup Disaster Recovery solution in place to guard against disaster like a ransomware attack? Is it on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid cloud backup? 96% of SMBs with BDR report complete recovery from ransomware. A full 40% do not.
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Backing up your data is like brushing your teeth: It's basic computer hygiene you probably learned when you booted up your first PC. But backup is not enough. Unless you can restore your data -quickly - after a ransomware attack or outage, your company is at risk.

And that's what we mean by Business Continuity: Total data protection, guarding all of your business data -- whether it's on-premise or in the cloud... including your SaaS applications files in Salesforce, G-Suite, and Office 365.

Datto delivers Business Continuity via hybrid cloud based and image based backup technology, resulting in superior Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective (RTO & RPO).  Instant virtualization gives you a near elimination of downtime, allowing you to spin back up without losing valuable work time or leads.

What's NOT Continuity?  Cloud only, or Local only file based backup (including  tape).

At a recent industry gathering, Datto's Founder and  CEO Austin McChord said he's really proud of the new and improved fast failback technology featured in the company's  latest SIRIS devices. 

"We're actually able to image and create a new Siris from scratch, using our new imaging technology," he said. "We're actually able to go back up a server, virtualize that server, get rid of the actual physical hardware, bring in a new piece of physical hardware, restore it back to that physical hardware, essentially perform the entire BMR and failback to it while taking only a single reboot's worth of downtime along the way."

Interested in learning how much an outage could cost your business? Calculate your downtime here.

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