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Report From Futurecon: Cybersecurity For Small to Medium Businesses

Don Wisdom

Don Wisdom About The Author

Datalink Networks was in San Diego last week for the FutureCon cybersecurity show, a great new conference that brings the best network security minds together for thought provoking presentations and discussions.


Datalink Networks joined 26 vendors on the exhibit hall floor, including representatives from industry leaders like Barracuda Networks, Arcserve, Cisco, RSA, and Malwarebytes. Our booth team had a busy day meeting with attendees who took the opportunity to talk with us about their security issues and how to better protect their organizations with A/D assessments, pen testing, and managed services.

While networking on the exhibit hall floor is a major conference activity, I’ve always felt that the true value of attending outside events is educational. Seeing the latest trends and innovations, learning from industry leaders, and peer networking. San Diego Futurecon produced a full day’s menu of valuable learning, with presentations on email security, solutions that employ AI and robotics, cybercrime prevention tactics, and more.

FutureCon returns to Southern California on October 23 in Orange County. Learn more here.

I was honored to take part in an industry panel on “The Dark Web, Insider Threat, and Cyber Resilience.” Moderator Darrin Anderson, CEO of NXT Robotics, kept the discussion lively by focusing on how stolen information is bought and sold in the digital marketplace. 

Fellow panelist Howard Miller of LBW Insurance talked about the future role of insurance companies to properly assess and price risk, based on evolving cyber risk policies. Polyswarm CTO and founder Paul Makowski discussed how his organization leverages a crowd sourced network of security experts that actually competes via market dynamics to rapidly identify and provide actionable intelligence on newly emerged malware.

Edgewave's Steve Orenberg and I recounted our experience working with the Chinese telecommunications giant, Huawei. Huawei and US-based big tech companies like Apple, Google, and Qualcomm are companies that have become “nation state assets." Qualcomm in particular is vital to our national security in the race against Huawei to 5G networks.

I also outlined how in our market of small and mid -size businesses, there is a failure of recognition by senior management of the extent of today’s cyber threats, which results in underinvestment and lack of IT security planning. Cybercriminals know this and continue to go after soft targets like K-12, industrial, retail, and other industries that don’t have access to security professionals or consultants helping them.

Our mission at Datalink Networks is to provide security awareness and reporting through assessments and pen testing to small and mid-size companies throughout Southern California. The resulting information enables us to provide consulting to help companies and organizations meet compliance, lower their risk, thereby improve their overall security posture.

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