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Hackers Are Always on the Hunt

Brian Hatchell

Brian Hatchell About The Author

May 16

As I'm sure you've seen, WannaCrypt Ransomware is making headlines everywhere.  Numbers are still rising from the number of businesses and countries that have been directly impacted by this, and the security community is anticipating further attacks that are much harder to stop this coming week.

It goes to show that hackers are always on the hunt, could your business be the next victim?


Some things to think about: 
  1. Windows systems that have been patched since March and are in support cycle are NOT vulnerable to the attack.
  2. Most AV vendors and messaging gateways are stopping the attack.
  3. Attack vector seems to be email with infected attachments.

What you can do:

  • Patch Windows machines on a regualr basis and do not run out of date builds of Windows software
  • User awareness is key

We are always available to assist with keeping your network secure and up-to-date. We can also offer recommendations on security and backup measures that can enable you to recover from a ransomware attack without losing money or data. 

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