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Henkel and Microsoft Office 365 Modern Desktop

Donna Mills

Donna Mills About The Author

Apr 9

See how Henkel's staff works more productively with Office 365

This week, Datalink Networks, Inc. looks at how Microsoft Office 365 helps the multinational consumer products company Henkel make the workplace more effective and enable people to do their best work.

Henkel found that the improved collaboration Microsoft Office 365 offers led to a culture change for their 50,000 employees. Using OneNote, employees can share data and communicate go-to-market plans, connect with each other from anywhere in the world with Skype, analyze data from consumers in the most efficient manner with insights provided by Power BI, and simplify their IT workload and administration with consistent interfaces across applications and platforms.

The result? With the proper tools to make daily work more efficient, employees are more productive, mobile, and connected to each other.  

You don't have to be running a huge corporation to enjoy the benefits of Office 365. All the competing demands on your staff can cause productivity to suffer. But collaboration can be the key to streamlining everyone’s workload so that, together, they can produce superior results faster. Your employees will no longer have to struggle with how they are going to share and cooperate on a project; they will have the tools to do so.

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