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How is AudioCodes OneBox Beneficial to Your Company?

Daniel Daughtery

Daniel Daughtery About The Author

AudioCodesOneBoxOver the last couple of years, organizations of all sizes have moved much of their operations to the Cloud, as it's become both more secure, and more cost effective. We think the introduction of the AudioCodes OneBox 365 is going to accelerate that trend among the SMB market.

This "one box" allows a company to fully replace their existing PBX system and easily move into the future of collaboration and communication - at a very attractive price.

Although Office 365 is quite robust and advanced in its own right, the OneBox takes it a step further and allows the full voice capabilities of Skype for Business

"The reason we love the AudioCodes OneBox is that it takes all of the components of Skype for Business and it puts it on one platform," says Datalink Networks CEO Don Wisdom
Don says that's it's most groundbreaking feature: Combining your Gateway and Lync Server into just "one box, resulting in easy management and a lower total cost of ownership." 

Find out more: Download the fact sheet, AudioCodes One Voice for Microsoft Lync and see how OneBox can benefit your business with deployment scenarios and technical specs.