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Huawei Coming On Strong

Donna Mills

Donna Mills About The Author

Jun 14

The engineering team at Datalink Networks pride themselves on their ability to work with products from a variety of major name partners, including Microsoft, HPE, Cisco, and Aruba. 

And this year, we've added a new vendor to our line card: Huawei.

This is a company that many of our clients are unfamiliar with, but we think that's going to change rather quickly, and for good reason. For one thing, Huawei is already one of the world's leading providers of global information and communications technology solutions.,

And their latest networking products have caught the eye of the analysts at Gartner, who had singled them out in their 2015 wireless Magic Quadrant



More from Gartner: 

"Huawei's eSight management and network applications support non-Huawei devices, including from HP and Cisco, which simplifies orchestration within multivendor environments. Huawei has a strong foundation in switching, which provides a broad range of fixed form and modular switches, as well as a wireless offering. Huawei expanded its network application support beyond guest access and onboarding, and now provides location-aware capabilities and analytics."

Huawei's wireless products compare favorably to those offered by more established American vendors, and are priced aggressively, so they're a great opportunity for organizations that need to squeeze more value out of their networking budget. And this month, Datalink networks is offering a sweet wireless networking security deal that includes 3 Huawei APs and a controller, installed free - for under $3000. 

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