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Improving Legacy Landline Telecom Systems

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According to the US government, there are still 56 million business telephone connections using legacy landline phone systems. As someone who lives life by the adage, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," I understand why some organizations are reluctant to give up the communications medium they have relied upon for decades.

But technology marches on, and your customers have moved on with it - especially millennials, who are more likely to communicate via text or IM or email or social media than they are via voice. This is one reason why companies who adopt newer, efficient unified communications systems have a competitive advantage over those who are waiting for their old system to break.

These days, holding on to a legacy system has become a lot harder, just due to the difficulty of maintaining it. Combine that with the improvements to internal communications and customer service you get with today's unified communicatinos systems and it's no wonder that landline telephony is declining in the US by 11% per year.

New UC systems like Avaya IP Office offer small to medium businesses affordable advantages that were previously only available to Enterprise organizations.

With Avaya IP Office, you can:

  • Improve Productivity - Empower your employees to work more productively on the road or away from the office with easy tools for optimum productivity.- Calling, conferencing, directory access, IM and presence – all available from iOS and Android devices.
  • Reduce Costs - SIP trunks can save you money and offer additional services like direct inward dialing for easier access.
  • Choose from cloud, virtualized on premise, and hybrid solutions for deployment flexibility.
  • Enjoy fewer administration tasks, lower power consumption, and reduced rack space.
  • Elevate your customer service game - IP Office Essential Edition offers automated attendant, voice mail, 64-party conferencing, and more at no extra charge. Optional multichannel contact center capabilities increase revenue and agent efficiency. Customers can reach you how they want with blended multichannel access.

And if you are already using an Avaya or Nortel legacy system, you have the option of keeping your existing 1100 and 1200 handsets to minimize the cost of buying new ones.

With Avaya IP Office in the Cloud, your migration can be achieved at your own pace, while taking advantage of Avaya's full suite of Unified Communications applications that integrate seamlessly and flexibly with the rest of your business.

Because it's in the cloud, you incur no large upfront costs. Predictable subscription pricing makes forecasting easier. And you gain a resilient and reliable system in a completely operational expense model.


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