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Why Wi-Fi is Critical to Your Business

Donna Mills

Donna Mills About The Author

Mar 2

WI-FI ISN'T OPTIONAL.jpgYour customers and employees are more mobile than ever before… and a lot of business applications are now moving to the cloud - which is completely transforming how we work, and how we do business.

No one wants to be stuck to desks anymore. We want to work and be productive wherever we are. 

These trends have a significant impact on your wireless network. And it’s becoming more critical for IT to deliver a network that meets the demands of both users and the businesses.

Simple Solutions Don't Have to Be Second-String

Finding the right wireless network solution can be a little daunting. because (1) your business now depends on it. And (2) how do you know what’s right for your business? 

Not too long ago, Aruba Networks ran a survey to understand what’s most important to the nation's small to mid-size businesses. The results were instructive: 

1. Many small business owners are concerned about the quality of their current Wi-Fi solutions. This is not surprising, especially if you have chosen a consumer-grade Wi-Fi that’s not actually built for the demands of a business. 

Today your staff and customers expect a network that is reliable and doesn’t break down easily or slow your business down. And it must be flexible enough to handle upcoming technologies. 

2. In an era when budgets are getting smaller we are asked to do more with less. Your wireless solution must not only be affordable now; it also must offer maximum value in the long run. This makes it not only a smart technology decision but also a good business investment.

3. If you too have a small IT team or no networking expertise, you want a solution that is simple to set up or run.

One of the interesting takeaways from this survey was that a lot of businesses are exploring cloud managed Wi-Fi -- which is great, because there both operational and cost benefits to managing your network in the cloud.

4. Businesses want to look beyond just plain network management. It's increasingly important to tap into additional network capabilities, like understanding the application traffic and providing network access to guests.

95% of the SMBs surveyed want to have application visibility and control. And 85% need or want to give network access to guests.

Introducing Aruba Instant

Aruba Instant is a controllerless Wi-Fi solution. It is simple, it is affordable, and it's extremely powerful.   

  • It has built-in RF management, which gives you excellent Wi-Fi performance. 
  • It has built-in security: The wireless intrusion protection system keeps out  rogue APs, clients, and other devices that can potentially harm your network. The built-in firewall monitors all data entering or leaving the network, blocks anything that does not meet your security policies, and also keeps unauthorized users from accessing your network. You can basically set a simple firewall policy to define who gets access to what, how and when. 
  • It is controllerless, so there is no need for separate controller hardware, and the controller functionality is built right into the APs. 
  • Network setup is automated. The first AP distributes configuration to the rest of the APs.  So your network is up and running in minutes. It’s simple plug and play. 

So in a network with multiple APs, one of the APs takes on the role of the controller, and that’s typically the first you plug in. And for whatever reason if that AP fails, another AP seamlessly AP takes over, and if that fail, the next one… and so on. Meaning your network is up and running till the last AP. That’s what you call built-in resiliency. 

Free Management Interface

The free management interface is where you first set up your network configuration. The first AP gets it’s configuration from here and then distributes it to the other APs. 

You can manage and monitor each of your Instant networks with this. 

With so much built into the access point, Aruba Instant is a powerful Wi-Fi solution designed for businesses like you that need the performance and reliability, without the complexity. 

Does this sound like a solution you can use? Download Aruba's eBook and see how simple Wi-Fi can be.

What if we told you that for a limited time, you can set up a network of 5  Aruba Instant APs for the cost of 3  <http://www.datalinknetworks.net/wi-fi-without-worries>? 




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