When looking at IT and business goals, there are countless initiatives that you can focus on. Determining where to focus your energy for your organization can be an intricate and demanding task.

Experts from Dell Tecnologies can help harmonize your business and IT needs with an outcome focused approach.  From strategy to full scale implementation, Dell services can transform your hybrid business with tailored solutions for seamless collaboration and innovation. 

This article will dive deeper into Dell Technologies' latest remote work advancements that can further help your business' productivity. 

Digital Employee Experiences


In the digital landscape of work, technology is both crucial and necessary in terms of innovation, productivity, and engagement. In simple terms, employees are not fully equipped for success if technological advancements are underutilized. 

The following statistics from, Technology’s Make or Break Role in Employee Engagement, and How Employee Engagement Drives Growth, demonstrate the importance of cohesive and adaptable technology in the modern workplace. 


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Digital Employee Experience Services


Dell's Digital Employee Experience Services use a human-centric approach to fully understand the needs of different roles and workstyles within an organization. 

The overview of Digital Employee Experience Services includes: 

Digital Employee Experience Advisory:

Establish a digital employee experience strategy in less than three weeks that includes a review to capture high level expectations, trends, best practices, and current employee experience initiatives. 

This includes data driven maturity assessments and experience platform guidance, scorecards with defined business value and initiatives, executive readout and recommended next steps to improve employee experience. 

Digital Employee Experience Subscription Service:

Move beyond one-time advisory sessions and ensure the sustained success of your employee experience initiatives. Dell's subscription services offer continuous access to our experts, allowing you to rely on Dell Services for best practices, program optimization, custom integrations, and more.

Digital Employee Experience Consulting Services: 

Consulting Services include employee experience measurement services, workforce persona services and adoption & change management services. These services help organizations measure what is working and what is not. In addition, they use persona research to optimize solutions for each audience and delivered tailored content. 


Workforce Persona Services 


Prioritize your employees with Dell's Workforce Persona Services by ensuring they have access to the appropriate devices, applications, and data. By categorizing employee device, app, and data requirements into distinct personas, it becomes effortless to customize and promote services to your workforce. This approach ensures the delivery of the optimal blend of technology and IT support, ultimately maximizing productivity.

Workforce Persona Services include Personas for IT Services, Personas for Client Devices, Personas for Applications, Personas for Multicloud, Personas for Microsoft 365, and Custom Use Cases. 



Employee Experience Measurement Services


By leveraging contemporary technologies and services for employee experience measurement (EX), organizations can discern effective strategies from less successful ones.

This enables them to prioritize IT enhancements that bring the most value and impact to the organization, substantiating efforts that genuinely enhance employee experiences. With accurate EX and sentiment measurement, the era of guesswork is in the past. IT organizations can adopt a holistic approach, strategically deploying technologies to drive improvements in EX. 

Additionally, Dell's Adoption & Change Management Services provide customized content, training, and additional resources, empowering employees to fully leverage new technologies and optimize the returns on investments.


Enable Secure Productivity


It is extremely vital to enable secure productivity in the hybrid workplace. With 35 years in partnership with Microsoft, Dell provides co-engineered solutions, services and technical expertise that provide organizations a more complete partnership to drive outcomes and accelerate digital transformation.

Dell Technologies provides a comprehensive range of professional services tailored for Microsoft technologies, aiming to empower your teams and assist in achieving the specific business outcomes you desire.


Services for Microsoft 365 Copilot


Through the seamless integration of Generative AI capabilities into essential productivity applications, Microsoft 365 Copilot enhances the efficiency of your workforce significantly. However, to effectively implement this state-of-the-art technology, it is essential to take a strategic approach that readies your organization and data for seamless integration with Microsoft 365 Copilot.





Implementation Services for Microsoft Intune


Dell's Implementation Services for Microsoft Intune streamline IT operations in the current digital landscape, allowing you to optimize success with Microsoft's reliable platform for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Professionals are able to simplify cross platform device management, meet increasing hybrid work demands, secure devices & apps from a single solution, and provide a 
frictionless user experience. 


Services for Microsoft 365


Craft a personalized Microsoft 365 strategy aligning with your business needs. Dell services allow you to foster a contemporary, mobile experience to boost workforce productivity while executing a seamless migration to Microsoft 365 with minimal business disruption. Seamlessly integrate the Microsoft 365 ecosystem with your existing processes, tools, and technology.

One of the many benefits of this is enabling workers to seamlessly collaborate anytime and anywhere. This ultimately paves the way for your workforce to do more and innovate faster. 


Services for Microsoft Teams


By utilizing Dell Technologies Consulting Services, organizations can facilitate the deployment and complete adoption of the Teams ecosystem to unlock its maximum potential.

Dell's consulting services for Teams include the following:

• Discovery and assessment of existing collaboration content (e.g. SharePoint, Slack, G Suite) and telephony, voice and messaging solutions
• Determine the best deployment model for the Teams client based on organizational size and maturity to deliver the most productive worker experience on all approved devices
• Security, compliance and lifecycle management configuration
• Define Teams governance and channel management to enforce desired policies and usage guidelines
• Design and implement the right voice and telephony solution (e.g. hybrid, cloud) and appropriate integrations

Develop custom apps and bots tailored to unique needs

These services, amongst more, result in focused and high impact engagements. They are executed with clear phases, decision points and validated with repeatable processes.



Deploy VDI


In an increasingly digital world, remote, hybrid, and flexible workstyles are gaining popularity. Employees seek an agile work environment that aligns with their needs, particularly as it becomes a priority for those entering or rejoining the workforce. Organizations must adapt to maintain competitiveness while ensuring workforce productivity and business continuity.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and virtual application solutions are dynamic and 
continuously changing to meet the expectations of the modern hybrid workforce.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Services


Dell's ProConsult Advisory services are designed to assist organizations in defining and analyzing their current state (AS-IS) and their desired future state (TO-BE). By working closely with key stakeholders, Dell helps build consensus and develop a practical implementation roadmap that aligns with the organization's business and IT goals. With a focus on delivering measurable outcomes, Dell ensures that the implementation process is efficient and effective.

Dell's VDI Services offer a comprehensive range of benefits to enhance your virtual desktop infrastructure. With our expertise, we can help you identify the perfect use cases and personas for VDI, ensuring optimal performance and productivity. By collaborating with stakeholders, we will assist you in gaining consensus on your strategy, creating a blueprint that aligns with your business goals.

Services also include seamless integration into your operational processes, enhancing service management through automation, and facilitating a successful transition for maximum adoption.


Implementation Services for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops and Windows 365


Dell Implementation Services for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 offer secure access to essential resources for hybrid, frontline, and field workers, virtually from any location.

IT teams benefit from enhanced security and simplified management through centralized storage, updates, patches, application deployments, native Microsoft integrations, and additional features.


Implementation Services for VMware Horizon, Horizon Cloud, and Workplace ONE®


Dell's implementation services for VMware Horizon, Horizon Cloud, and Workspace ONE offer a seamless and efficient hybrid work environment for both end users and IT administrators. It allows users to experience the convenience of on-demand workspaces that are flexible and adaptable, while benefiting from simplified management tools that align with rigorous Zero Trust security policies. 

These services give you multiple benefits such as guided pilots of Workspace ONE User Endpoint Management (UEM) and Teams. They can gain insights into employee experience through telemetry from devices and apps, combined with data analysis to proactively identify issues.



Concluding Thoughts: Moving Forward with Dell's Latest Remote Work Advancements


Dell's latest advancements in remote work solutions represent a significant leap forward in empowering organizations to thrive in the evolving landscape of remote collaboration.

With innovative technologies, robust security measures, and a commitment to enhancing user experiences, Dell has positioned itself as a key player in shaping the future of remote work. Dell's thoughtful approach to addressing the challenges of remote work ensures that individuals and businesses can navigate these changes seamlessly, fostering productivity and connectivity in the virtual realm.

With these cutting-edge solutions, Dell not only meets the current demands of remote work but also anticipates and adapts to the dynamic needs of the modern workplace.


Contact us today to learn more about Datalink Network's partnership with Dell Technologies and the remote work resources that can further help your businesses' IT initiatives and goals. 

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