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Hardware and Software Maintenance

Maintenance for All Your IT Investments

Managing maintenance contracts can be a daunting task, especially for enterprises with hundreds of devices purchased from multiple resellers. Keeping track of devices in use can become administrative nightmare. Eventually, the maintenance contracts fall out of sync with the actual infrastructure in place.


Datalink Networks Support

  • National next business day product replacement in over 200 cities
  • Multi-vendor support capabilities
  • Customized maintenance agreements
  • Network Monitoring Agreements
Hardware and Software Maintenance

Collaborative Maintenance Services

  • Datalink Networks - led hardware and software maintenance, annual firmware updates, annual health checks.
  • Cloud Based Monitoring and Alerting with Dashboard.
  • Support from our “on the ground” engineers who know your network and can troubleshoot the problem in a holistic method.

Vendor Maintenance Optimization

  • Single Point of Contact for all Maintenance Needs.
  • Quantity discounts on Vendor Maintenance Support based on volume of equipment and Contract support.
  • Vendor Co-Term support to align with your organizations fiscal year end and provide better administrative and budget visibility.
  • Full Service Contract Portal for Easy Management and Information.
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