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Barracuda | EP-EGD-Usr-1M

Barracuda Email Gateway Defense

Starting at $36 per user/year

The Barracuda Email Security Gateway is a cloud-connected email security appliance that shields your organization from inbound malware, spam, phishing, and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks via email.

Inbound Threat Protection
Filters and scans incoming emails for malware, spam, and phishing attempts. Customizable policies enforce detailed requirements for inbound messages.
Cloud Protection Layer
Pre-filters email in the cloud before delivery to the on-premises Barracuda Email Security Gateway. Offloads CPU-intensive tasks like antivirus and DDoS filtering to reduce appliance load.
Continuous Email Availability
pools email for up to 96 hours in case of email server failure. Option to redirect traffic to a secondary server.
Data Protection and Encryption
Powerful encryption technology ensures sensitive data remains secure. Outbound filtering and quarantine comply with corporate Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies.
Datalink Networks has been our IT Managed Service Provider for the past three years. Their level of service has been focused on upgrading our network and overall IT security posture. This has included server and firewall upgrades along with email security and endpoint protection. Datalink Networks' ability to respond quickly, execute on projects and be a trusted partner to Structural Integrity Enginnering has provided great progress to the overall IT plan of SIE. I know when I need assistance, Datalink will be there to provide support.
Andrew Burkett, IT DirectorSatisfied Customer!


  • AC Copper Ethernet NICs (1x Gigabit): The network interface cards (NICs) used for connecting the gateway to the network.
  • Cloud Protection Layer: A cloud-based service that pre-filters incoming emails before they reach the on-premises Barracuda Email Security Gateway.
  • Continuous Email Availability: Ensures uninterrupted email communication even if the primary email server fails.
  • Input Current (Amps):The amount of electrical current (measured in amperes) required to power the gateway.
  • Hardware Chassis Type (1U Mini Rackmount): Refers to the physical form factor of the Barracuda Email Security Gateway hardware.
  • Quarantine Storage: The storage space reserved for quarantined emails—those flagged as suspicious or potentially harmful.
  • Message Log Storage: The storage capacity allocated for storing email message logs.
  • Message Log Storage: The storage capacity allocated for storing email message logs.
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