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Barracuda | EP-SAT-Usr-1M

Barracuda Security Awareness Training

Starting at $14 per user/year

Barracuda Security Awareness Training provides a suite of applications supporting phishing social engineering simulations with data analytics for evaluation of results as well as targeted training and education to boost readiness. It’s part of a comprehensive security strategy that includes gateway defense, API-based inbox defense, incident response, data protection, and compliance capabilities

Supplementary Materials
To support your computer-based training initiatives, Barracuda provides supplementary materials, such as two-minute best practice videos covering topics like malware awareness and password security
Bonus Training Materials
In addition to the main training content, Barracuda offers an array of bonus training materials, including posters, newsletters, infographics, and tip sheets
Managed Security Awareness Training Plans
Barracuda offers managed security awareness training plans that can be easily provided to your customers without added work for your technicians
Regular Reports
With the managed security awareness training plans, you can deliver regular reports that highlight the value and effectiveness of security awareness training
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  • Multi-variable attack simulations: The training includes simulations of various types of attacks such as Smishing (SMS/Text), Vishing (Voicemail), and Found Physical Media. This helps users understand and recognize a wide range of threats.
  • Advanced threat simulation features: The training offers advanced features like time stamping, phone home macros, DLP tagging, geolocation, and more. These features provide a realistic simulation of threats, enhancing the effectiveness of the training.
  • Robust user attributes: The training allows testing based on various user attributes like location, job function, tenure, privileged credentials, and access to sensitive networks and applications. This ensures that the training is tailored to the specific needs and risks of different user groups.
  • Real-world threat simulation: The training includes hundreds of real-world threat templates taken directly from Barracuda’s massive threat database. This exposes users to the latest email threat types.
  • User behavior analysis: The training provides detailed metrics on user behavior, helping organizations assess their security risks and inform their training approach.
  • Customizable training content: The training offers a large variety of engaging training content that can be customized to meet unique awareness initiatives
  • Quick Launch: The training features an easy 5-step setup, proven curated testing and training content, and efficient, automated reports.
  • Quick Launch: The training features an easy 5-step setup, proven curated testing and training content, and efficient, automated reports.
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