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Microsoft | (C0LHT4-0001-1Y1M)

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 (EMS E3)

Starting at $10.60 per user/month

The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 (EMS E3) is a comprehensive cloud solution designed to enhance enterprise security and mobility.This suite is ideal for businesses looking to protect corporate data, manage a mobile workforce, and ensure the safety of their digital infrastructure. It addresses the security challenges in today’s mobile-first, cloud-first era

Identity and Access Management
Simplified access management, and advanced security reporting
Endpoint Management
Protect your organization with mobile application management, integrated PC management, and integrated on-premises management
Information Protection
Safeguard your data with persistent data protection, document tracking and revocation as well as encryption key management per regulatory needs
Risk-based Conditional Access
This security measure assesses the risk level of a sign-in attempt or a user session within an application, based on various signals.
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  • Windows Server Client Access License (CAL)
  • Intelligent data classification and labeling
  • Advanced Microsoft 365 data protection
  • Risk severity is calculated for every sign-in attempt
  • EMS - allows you to apply access rules to protect against suspicious logins
  • Detects attacks in real-time through threat intelligence and behavioral analytics
  • Deeper visibility into all activities related to your data, such as the creation of files, usage, and sharing
  • Deeper visibility into all activities related to your data, such as the creation of files, usage, and sharing
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