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Microsoft | (C0LFJ1-0001-1Y1M)

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 (EMS E5)

Starting at $16.40 per user/month

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 (EMS E5) is an advanced cloud solution that offers a wide range of features to help organizations manage and secure their mobile environments. EMS E5 is designed for enterprises that require advanced security measures to protect against sophisticated cyber threats and manage a complex mobile workforce. It combines productivity apps with intelligent cloud services to transform the way you work

Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Simplified access management, and advanced security reporting
Endpoint Management
Protect your organization with mobile application management, integrated PC management, and integrated on-premises management
Information Protection
Safeguard your data with persistent data protection, document tracking and revocation as well as encryption key management per regulatory needs
Cloud Infrastructure
The cloud infrastructure is scalable and secure, providing for data storage and processing, and it seamlessly integrates with existing systems for a hybrid cloud approach.
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  • Azure Active Directory Premium P2 - Provides advanced identity and access management solutions, including risk-based conditional access
  • Azure Information Protection P2: Offers intelligent data classification and labeling, along with regulatory-compliant encryption key management
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security: A comprehensive set of capabilities to help you move to the cloud safely
  • Azure Active Directory Identity Protection: A feature of Azure Active Directory Premium P2 that helps identify breaches before they cause damage
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection: Detects advanced attacks to protect your organization
  • Azure AD Privileged Identity Management: A feature of Azure Active Directory Premium P2 that manages privileged identities to prevent unauthorized access
  • Integrated PC Management: Provides unified management of PCs for consistency and ease
  • Integrated PC Management: Provides unified management of PCs for consistency and ease
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