Daniel Daughtery

Daniel Daughtery
Daniel Daughtery is a Marketing & Inside Sales Representative. He graduated with a degree in Marketing from Cal State Northridge in 2014. He has enjoyed the transition into a full time job in an industry he had minimal knowledge in. He is also an avid sports fan (baseball, hockey, football) and loves to play Xbox One in his free time.
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Case Study: Streamline IT Operations and Compliance with Office 365

Streamline IT with Office 365Streamlining IT Operations & Compliance

Money and time continue to be a driving force when it comes to business decisions and Office 365 is proving to be a product that saves organizations both. "Our most recent project saved a client 200K in Microsoft licensing and they also have the added relief of not having to manage on-premise servers," says Brian Hatchell, Datalink Networks' Senior Director of Engineering. 

Here's a case study that shows exactly how implementing Office 365 accomplished easier IT management and compliance for a large organization.

Lenovo Focuses on SMB, Enterprise and Education

Lenovo AccelerateLenovo unveiled their latest models and initiatives for the coming year at last month's Accelerate 2015 conference, in Las Vegas, Nevada - and I was there, representing Datalink Networks. 

Apple Watch and BYOD: How to Stay Safe?

Office 365 Helps Solve BYOD Security ProblemsNew Office 365 Helps with BYOD securityDemand for user devices is expected to jump exponentially with the opening of sales today for the  Apple watch. No wonder 74% of all US businesses have instituted or are in the process of drafting BYOD policies.  The explosion of devices and the apps they foster is the stuff of security nightmares for a network administrator. But Microsoft has just rolled out a new Office 365 feature that will make you rest a lot easier.

How is AudioCodes OneBox Beneficial to Your Company?

AudioCodesOneBoxOver the last couple of years, organizations of all sizes have moved much of their operations to the Cloud, as it's become both more secure, and more cost effective. We think the introduction of the AudioCodes OneBox 365 is going to accelerate that trend among the SMB market.

This "one box" allows a company to fully replace their existing PBX system and easily move into the future of collaboration and communication - at a very attractive price.

Although Office 365 is quite robust and advanced in its own right, the OneBox takes it a step further and allows the full voice capabilities of Skype for Business