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Microsoft Virtual Academy Replaced by Microsoft Learn

 Microsoft Learn Replaces Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) was retired on January 31st, 2019. Microsoft Virtual Academy offered users a platform to learn the ins and outs of numerous Microsoft applications and platforms. MVA also allowed users the ability to earn Certificates of Completion for courses taken.

What makes a good Data Center Technician?

First, What is a Data Center Technician

Broadly, a Data Center Technician (DC Tech) provides all the necessary support to keep a business’s data center operating smoothly. A good DC Tech is essential to medium-sized to large businesses who rely heavily on data and store their information on local servers.

Microsoft Account Security Alert

Are they real emails? Or a phishing scheme?

What is the Best Lenovo Tablet?

Lenovo Tablets

Are you in the market for a Lenovo Tablet? Lenovo Tablets offer a fantastic blend of value and performance. With a wide range of products, Lenovo offers machines suitable for nearly any need.

Successful Data Center Migration and Refresh

The newly-hired IT Director at the California Community Foundation knew the organization needed a data center refresh, as its aging network’s reliance on a third-party hosting company had become too expensive and too limited. He partnered with Datalink Networks to design and engineer a new, hybrid cloud infrastructure that will scale with CCF for years to come.

Data Center Refresh

The California Community Foundation (CCF) has served Los Angeles County for 100 years, stewarding nearly 1,600 funds and $1.7 billion in assets to address some of the core concerns of the community. CCF sponsors a range of competitive grants to other local non-profits in arts, education, health care, and transition-aged youth and housing and economic development throughout Los Angeles County.