Why Multi-Layered Security Is Your Best Defense Against Ransomware

Last month, the Los Angeles Community College District announced that Los Angeles Valley College had been victimized in a ransomware attack to the tune of $28,000 in bitcoins

Coming to a Steak House Near You

Apple Watch and BYOD: How to Stay Safe?

Demand for user devices is expected to jump exponentially with the opening of sales today for the  Apple watch. No wonder 74% of all US businesses have instituted or are in the process of drafting BYOD policies.  The explosion of devices and the apps they foster is the stuff of security nightmares for a network administrator. But Microsoft has just rolled out a new Office 365 feature that will make you rest a lot easier.

How to Get the Most Out of Generation Mobile

Navigating the Paradigm Shift from Unified Communications to Unified Interactions

Microsoft Lync is revolutionizing the way organizations communicate – and network architecture must keep up with the demands on bandwidth. This article outlines some of the reasons why. Our next event will show you HOW.