Top 5 Reasons Why Security Compliance is Important

What is security compliance and why is it important? What tools should my organization use for security compliance? Find out what you need to know in order to keep your organization compliant. 

The ABC's of Business Continuity

Hybrid Cloud BackupDid you know?
  • The average North American Enterprise and SMB company suffers at least 10 hours of IT downtime per year.
  • The average cost of data center downtime across industries is $5,600 per minute
  • 60% of on-site disasters are actually due to human error
  • More than half of American enterprises don't have a good disaster recovery plan... but implementing one for your small to medium-sized business can be a relatively simple - and cost-effective - process, thanks to hybrid cloud backup technology:

Why Tax and Accounting Professionals Should Explore the Cloud

Cloud-Apps-DatalinkCloud technology like Microsoft Azure and Office 365 are not just convenient - they add an extra layer of security and compliance for your data, as many tax professionals have discovered recently. 

Five Reasons to Migrate From Windows Server 2003... NOW


If you are running your business on Windows Server 2003, time is running out: support ends on July 17. And while it may be tempting to keep running your apps and data on a 13-year-old operating system that's been working for you well enough -- in this case, the old adage "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It" simply doesn't apply. If you haven't already embarked on your migration, you need to start NOW.