Microsoft's Satya Nadella on Our Changing, Mobile-First World

More than 23,000 technology professionals are assembling in Chicago's McCormack Place this week for Microsoft Ignite: the software giant's biggest, baddest conference yet for the IT professional community. This conference covers the entire spectrum of Microsoft's Enterprise and education product offerings, replacing separate events for Exchange, Lync, Sharepoint and TechEd.

Update Your Technology, Give Your SMB the Edge it Needs [Infographic]

Technology has been a boon for small and mid-sized businesses: productivity gains from modern data centers and cloud-based services have allowed organizations with small staffs to compete with the Enterprise big boys. But there's a hitch: Your technology has a shelf life, and as innovation offers new and better tools, organizations must choose when and how to adjust. 

And if you are still running your network on Windows Server 2003, your day of reckoning is NOW

Five Reasons You Need to Migrate Now From Windows Server 2003

If you are running your business on Windows Server 2003, time is running out: support ends on July 17. And while it may be tempting to keep running your apps and data on a 13-year-old operating system that's been working for you well enough -- in this case, the old adage "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It" simply doesn't apply. If you haven't already embarked on your migration, you need to start NOW.