The Importance of Developing a High Level Risk Assessment

Cyber Security has been making big news for the last decade, not only in the US, but around the world.  The constant cyber-attacks directed at small and medium-sized businesses hit close to home, but do not make big headlines.

The Value of Knowing Your School's Security Weaknesses

Many schools in California are rolling out “one-to-one” computing initiatives, to supplement existing policies of bring your own device (BYOD) programs to advance digital curriculum in K-12.

Network Security: Malware Will Continue to Multiply Like Bad Rabbits

The editors at ZDNet have proclaimed 2017 The Year of Ransomware, and no wonder. Our network security news feeds this year have been full of warnings about malware variants with names like Petya, NotPetya, WannaCry - and last month's outbreak, which was dubbed Bad Rabbit.

K12 Campus Security Addressed at EdTech IT Summit

According to a recent survey from the Consortium of School Networks, nearly half of K12 schools devote less than 4% of their budgets to security - a frightening statistic, as networks expand to accommodate an ever-increasing number of endpoints... and catastrophic threats from phishing and ransomware have grown worldwide.  And fewer than one-third (27%) of the nation's schools reported that they have a staffer dedicated to monitor network security.

Why Multi-Layered Security Is Your Best Defense Against Ransomware

Last month, the Los Angeles Community College District announced that Los Angeles Valley College had been victimized in a ransomware attack to the tune of $28,000 in bitcoins