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Gabrielle MorrisOct 12, 2020 11:35:13 AM2 min read

DLN & BCCHS Introduce Innovative Student Intern Program

Santa Clarita, CA. October 13, 2020 - Datalink Networks is collaborating with New Horizons, the world’s largest independent IT training company, to introduce a groundbreaking internship program. The initial pilot program will be executed in conjunction with Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS). This innovative student development project will be the first of its kind for all entities involved.   

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The internship aims to help students develop a comprehensive technology skill set while giving students valuable work experience in the ever competitive job market. 

Training for the internship will consist of a 5 hour specialized Microsoft Teams curriculum and a semester long soft skills course covering cyber safety and employability.  Training will culminate in an online certification exam. Once certified, interns will provide Microsoft Teams application support to fellow students and teachers. 

BCCHS has encouraged students to apply throughout the Fall semester.  Hiring will place an emphasis on students enrolled in Engineering or AP Computer Science courses. If applicants exceed the available spots, priority will be given based on proximity to graduation and alignment of personal and professional goals.  

Once selected, students will enter into the soft skills training then to the Microsoft Teams Training Program. Certified students will then join the BCCHS Teams Helpdesk, where they will provide support locally in the classroom and in digital learning environments.  

Lindsey Surendranath, the Special Projects Officer at BCCHS, stated,  “The primary goal for this program is to fill the gap we currently see between academic preparation in high school and what students need for future employment.” Surendranath continued,  “Students receive excellent academic preparation, but we are working hard to ensure they are equipped with life skills and professional skills/soft skills so they can navigate the world of work.” 

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 Datalink Networks is also very excited about the potential this program has. CEO, Don Wisdom, stated, “This is an incredible opportunity to, not only, help our community by teaching valuable work skills, but also to help train the next crop of future IT professionals.” 

 Datalink Networks has provided customized IT solutions to educational institutions for over 30 years. This innovative internship program marks the beginning of a new era for Datalink Networks and will hopefully, stand as a model for IT leaders across the country.   

About Datalink Networks    

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 Datalink Networks was founded in 1988 in Santa Clarita, CA. Datalink specializes in providing IT Solutions for organizations in 4  key technology areas: cloud technology, cybersecurity, networking, and managed services. The Datalink Networks certified engineering team specializes in disaster recovery, network security, email security, Microsoft 365, and much more.      

For over 30 years Datalink Networks has been providing IT solutions to K-12 schools nationwide. During the COVID- 19 pandemic Datalink Networks has been helping K-12 schools adopt to a new learning environment by helping supply Chromebooks, Hotspots, Microsoft 365 licensing, and a full integration of Microsoft Teams with LMS and school phone systems integrations