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SIEM Solutions for the Rest of Us

Today’s cyber criminals are targeting businesses like yours because chances are, that even with modern security firewalls and networks, you don’t have the sophisticated detection tools to monitor what is happening inside your company network, and out on the internet. Now you can fight back with true Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), complete with a 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) and trained Incident Response Team - designed just for the SMB market.

Prevent Malware Attacks and Data Theft

Even sophisticated security tools cannot prevent cyber-attacks through the internet or email systems today.  Most organization don’t realize that malware can stay dormant on a network for months or years before sending out information or executing a ransomware attack. 

Our SIEM service (Security Information and Event Management) provides identification as security events occur in real time.  Security Incidents are discovered and correlated by our SIEM, then sent to our trained cyber security experts who provide real time review and analysis in our Security Operations Center (SOC). 

After analysis, critical incidents are forwarded to our security engineers for remediation.   Monthly executive reports provide you a detailed view of malware attempting to penetrate your network so that you have visibility of both the number and type of cyber attacks on your network.

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24x7 Security Monitoring is Part of Our Three-Step Defense:

1. Security Assessment

Our security engineers will run a deep scan of Directory Services and privileges and an internal vulnerability scan to provide vital information to you on your current state of security. 

2. Remediation

Our security specialists will meet with you and your IT Staff to implement our report action items to enhance the security of your corporate network.

3. Security Monitoring

Keep your network safe with dual 24X 7 security detection and alerting systems, consisting of both SIEM services that identify events as they occur in real time, and  internal network monitoring of unauthorized attempts by insiders to access or change corporate systems. 

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