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2019 Mid-Year Cyber Threat Report

Arm Your Business with the Latest Threat Intelligence from the First Half of 2019.

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Key Benefits of SonicWalls’s Secure SD-WAN Solution

SD-WAN technology allows organizations and enterprises with branch locations to build highly available and higher-performance WANs. By using low-cost internet access (broadband, 3G/4G/LTE, fiber), organizations can cost-effectively replace expensive WAN connection technologies such as MPLS with SD-WAN. SonicWall delivers comprehensive, industry-leading security solutions that simplify SD-WAN deployments.



Create High-Performance WANs Using Low-Cost Internet Access

  • Lower costs by replacing expensive MPLS connections with cost-effective broadband options such as Ethernet, DSL and 3G/4G
  • Achieve consistent performance and availability of business-critical and SaaS applications
  • Secure traffic from advanced threats across the entire network
  • Simplify deployment and ongoing management through centralized administration

High Availability and Predictable, Optimized Application Performance 

  • Automatically steer business-critical applications over highly available links
  • Dynamic path selection based on applications, IP addresses or services
  • Automate application delivery using link quality, latency, jitter, packet loss or capacity

Lower TCO by Simplifying Onboarding, Deployment & Management

  • Ease branch office onboarding and deployment with Zero-Touch Deployment
  • Increase agility to add new sites and applications as needed
  • Make informed policy decisions with application-level visualization and traffic graphs
  • Gain single-pane-of-glass insight and control with Capture Security Center

Ensure Enterprise-Grade Network Security

  • Secure connectivity between locations using AES encryption standards
  • Gain in-depth application security, intelligence and control
  • Trust independent recommendation by NSS Labs
  • Gain global security intelligence from the SonicWall Capture Threat Network
  • Leverage innovative SonicWall technologies like Capture Advanced Threat Protection and patent-pending Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection


Tech Brief: Secure SD-WAN

High-performance WANs using Low-Cost Internet
Access with Enterprise-Grade Security



Solutions Brief

Leverage the cloud with confidence using Next-Generation Firewalls



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2019 Carrier Programs

A high-level overview of Datalink Networks' Managed SD-Wan Services and partner providers (wireline, cable and hardware).

Datalink Networks wide array of partners ensures your network the highest performance at the lowest price.

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2019 Managed Firewall Services

A high-level overview of Datalink Networks' Managed SD-Wan Firewall Program Benefits.

2019 Managed Firewall Services (2)

2019 SD-WAN Firewall Program Benefits

 A high-level over view of the firewall managed services solution is a monthly service that will provide a customer the ability to have our team configure, analyze and report on necessary features and capabilities of the firewall.

SD-WAN 2019 program benefits (2)


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