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BYOD Security and Mobile Management

Manage Multiple Mobile Users and Their Devices

The use of mobile devices is  critical to both your users and your company's business strategy.  According  industry studies, the number of devices connected to enterprise networks increased 72% from 2014 to 2015 - and that growth trend has only continued. 

Agility and mobility are a boon for productivity - but pose network security challenges.  Guest access and an integrated Enterprise Mobility Management platform are essentials for your mobile workforce.


Checklist for Your Secure BYOD Policy

  • Identify device types and associated IT policies.
  • Determine employee enrollment procedure.
  • Stage applications and enable access.
  • Automate device on-boarding with the appropriate security policies.
  • Keep guest traffic separate from corporate traffic.
  • Test current applications on approved mobile platforms.
  • Identify tools and solutions that help predict and protect vulnerabilities.
  • Share BYOD policy.

Whether your workforce users their personal or corporate-owned devices, you will need effective mobile device management and a simple, cost-effective way to connect and secure users and devices. Security will be enhanced with a platform that automates mobile device on-boarding, provides device visibility, automates and simplifies the provisioning of network access for guests, and keeps business traffic separate from guest traffic.

Our engineering team will help you evaluate your network plan and design and implement the right mobility access and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution for your current needs and future growth.

Enterprise Mobility Access and Management Solutions from Our Partners:


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