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Firewalls Are Good - Next Generation Firewalls Are Better

Mobile applications, Web2.0, and social networks expose enterprise networks to the risks on the open Internet. Cybercriminals can easily penetrate a traditional firewall by spoofing or using Trojan horses, malware, or botnets. And the migration of datacenter functions and apps to the cloud adds another layer of complexity to the problem.

A high-availability Next Generation Firewall provides advanced threat defenses to precisely identify attacks and synchronize defensive measures across all systems in real time.


Secure Your Network with Third-Generation Firewall Technology

Today’s cloud-based infrastructures and workloads cannot be protected by traditional security strategies. Over 80% of all new malware and intrusion attempts exploit weaknesses in applications, as opposed to weaknesses in networking components and services.  First and second generation firewalls that focus their protection on ports, protocols, and IP addresses are ineffective against these modern threats.

By combining a traditional firewall with additional network device filtering functionalities, NGFWs  - designed for today's cloud based networks - perform a deeper, more thorough inspection of your network traffic – including encrypted packets.

Deploying a high-availability NGFW on your network gives you the ability to create security rules that grant your users access to data and applications based on your business requirements while stopping credential theft.

Techniques employed by NGFWs include:

  • in-line deep packet inspection (DPI),
  • an intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • TLS/SSL encrypted traffic inspection
  • website filtering,
  • QoS/bandwidth management
  • antivirus inspection
  • third-party identity management integration (i.e. LDAP, RADIUS, Active Directory).

Our NGFW Partners:

Datalink Networks has partnership agreements with the world's top security firms and and can recommend and deploy the right scalable NGFW solution for any-sized business.

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