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Security Assessments

Security Begins With a Scan and Assessment

Network and data security is essential to operating today's modern data center. Datalink Networks provides comprehensive security assessment and remediation services to our commercial and public sector clients. Our basic Assessment package begins with a vulnerability scan of a single Local Area Network and culminates with an executive report describing key recommendations that will increase your security and lower your organization's risk.

Security Assessments

Network Vulnerability Scan

A deep analysis of vulnerabilities contained in network protocols, network services and applications on the primary site local area network and wireless LAN. The security scan will be a partial scan, performed locally on site with an emphasis on exposing weaknesses in Data-Center protection from client machines. Datalink Networks will utilize a commercial grade version of Nessus, the number one security scan tool in the industry. Deliverables include an executive report that contains a list of host IP address, hostname, and vulnerabilities with security impact score.

Our Scanning Tool Detects:

  • Viruses, Malware, backdoors
  • Hosts Communicating with botnet infected systems
  • Web services linking to malicious content

Sensitive Content Auditing Network Topology Review

A review of client’s security infrastructure and topology including Firewall, VPN, VLAN’s Wireless Security, IDS/IPS, Anti-Virus, and Malware products to determine security risks. We will then review rulesets and configuration data of routers, firewalls switches and IDS/IPS appliances. We will also look at the data flow and routing to ensure that there are no backdoors or holes that are open to attackers or people seeking to steal data. Active Directory Vulnerability Scan A scan providing a deep analysis of Windows Active Directory security including Active Directory Domain Controller Detection, Security Groups and Levels, Network Shares, Missing Security Updates, Password Strength Analysis, Anti-Virus Detection, and AD User Analysis.