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Wireless Site Surveys

Plan Your Wireless Coverage

Your wireless access points are useless if there are interfering radio signals, or obstacles that get in the way of your coverage. Walls, doors, elevator shafts, and even your own users can disrupt the radio frequency (RF), causing slow speeds and dead spots. A wireless site survey performed before designing or upgrading your network will enable you to design around any potential coverage problems.

Our team will conduct your survey and provide you with a predictive AP placement report so you can begin designing or upgrading your wireless LAN.

Wireless Site Surveys

Site Survey Concepts

  • The goal is to determine the number and placement of access points you'll need for adequate coverage.
  • Survey will measure benchmarks such as signal to noise ratio (SNR) and outside RF interference that could affect your LAN's performance.
  • The larger your facility (i.e., a hospital, office complex, or school), the more likely you'll need to perform a wireless site survey to achieve adequate coverage for your users.
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