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Best Microsoft Office 365 Backup Solutions Comparison Guide  [2021]

For any organization running Microsoft Office 365, backing up the data living within your suit is crucial. Despite Microsoft’s advanced security features, data loss is an issue that user's often come across. 

There are many reasons behind data loss: external threats, accidental data deletion, and more. Your company needs to keep its crucial data secure to avoid financial and reputational risks In this blog, we will explore why backing up Office 365 is important, critical features you should look for when searching for a backup solution, and our top recommended solutions. 

What is Microsoft Office 365 Backup? 

Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft is not responsible for protecting the data you keep within Microsoft Office 365. This means that data can easily be lost through malware encryption, malicious users, and natural disasters resulting in the loss of your critical data. Because Microsoft is held responsible for any data loss during an outWhat is Microsoft Office 365 Backup?age, they recommend using a third-party service to backup your data.

Office 365 backup is a form of backup and recovery that is specifically for your Microsoft Office 365  data. This type of backup is purchased and stored independently from Microsoft and can restore your data quickly and on a granular level. Office 365 backup typically spans through a variety of applications including OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange Online, and Microsoft Teams. If your organization loses data for any reason, all data or specified files can be restored quickly and easily. This gives your organization the tools needed to ensure that your data will remain available to you no matter what occurs. 

Microsoft 365 Backup Features

When choosing a backup and recovery provider for your Microsoft Office environment, there are several critical features to look for. Some of these features include: 

Automated Backup

A backup system isn't as useful if you have to manually back it up yourself. Automated backups take point-in-time snapshots of all covered Microsoft applications, like OneDrive, to ensure that your data is protected on a regular cadence. Some backup solutions have a preset number of times per day a snapshot can be taken, while others allow you to choose the quantity per day as well as the time these snapshots can be taken. In general, the more often the snapshots are taken the better.

Quick and Easy Recovery

Being able to recover your data easily is just as important as having it backed up. Ensuring that your solution has a fast restoration time from the latest point-in-time snapshot can help your organization get back up and running after a disruption. It is important to make sure your solution can recover either all the data within the snapshot or deliver individual files and folders.  Additionally, it should be able to restore data with all files and folders in their correct places, leaving things as they were before. 

Security and Compliance 

If your organization is required to follow compliance standards such as HIPAA or NIST, an Office 365 backup and recovery solution can help ensure you meet requirements such as long-term data retention. Choosing a backup solution that meets these compliance requirements is critical, as it ensures that the security surrounding your backup is strong. Data encryption for data that is both at rest or in transit can be a key factor in protecting the sensitive information residing within the backup snapshots. 

Easy Management

As your backup solution is running in the background, it’s a good idea to periodically check on it as well as the health and status of your servers. Having the native ability to easily view and manage your backup solution will provide visibility and give you the information needed to make network or server changes as problems arise.  

Unlimited Storage

When backing up your Microsoft data, you want to make sure it is completely and thoroughly backed up. As your organization grows and more data is collected, it is important to make sure you don't run out of storage leaving you with incomplete backups or higher costs on your backups for the quantity of data stored.  


Best Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions

There are several different Office 365 backup solutions on the market today be here are our top 4 solution providers

Barracuda Networks Microsoft 365 


Barracuda Networks Microsoft 365 vs. Veaam

Barracuda Networks, boasting over 200,000 company customers, offers cloud-to-cloud backup for Office 365 which covers Exchange Online, OneDrive, and SharePoint online. This system lets you set your own retention policies and manages the health of all backed-up servers, network traffic, and more.  With near-continuous data protection that backs up mission-critical servers every 15 minutes and AES military-grade encryption, you can rest easy knowing that your backups are fresh and protected. If anything goes wrong or you need assistance setting retention policies, Barracuda cloud-to-cloud backup comes complete with 24-hour tech support.


Datto SaaS Protection 



Datto's SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365 automates three complete backups per day and can provide a fast restoration for both the full data environment as well as on a granular level. Similar to Barracuda's solution, administrators can check in on the backup status, audit logs, anywhere at any time.

New user detection and automated archiving for former employees can help manage lifecycles and save your organization money on licensing. Additionally, if your organization requires you to follow compliance standards, Datto encrypts data at rest and in transit and is SOC 2 Type II audited as well as supports HIPAA compliance needs.  

Since Datto does not sell directly to end-users, Datalink Networks can help you determine whether this solution is right for your organization. Chat with us today to book a demo today. 


Arcserve Cloud Backup for Office 365 


Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Backup Arcserve

Arcserve's Cloud Backup for Office 365 offers a robust cloud-based solution that mixes backup and recovery with cybersecurity. Integrated with award-winning endpoint protection, Sophos Intercept X advanced, this solution enhances the security of your offsite data to neutralize malware, exploits, and ransomware. AWS encryption and role-based access control also help improve security and meet your organization's compliance requirements. The management interface is user-friendly with robust capabilities to deliver a consumer-grade user experience. 


Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 


Microsoft Office 365 Veeam vs. Barracuda

Veeam's Backup for Microsoft Office 365  is the most customizable option. Like others, Veeam allows you to set the timing and frequency of the backups rather than having a preset number throughout the day. This could be useful if your organization manipulates data often and wants more current snapshots. One difference with Veeam is that you have the option to back up your data on-prem or in the cloud. Since this isn't a SaaS offering, your organization would need to purchase the cloud object storage separately through AWS S3, Azure Blob, IBM cloud, or other compatible clouds. This can be seen as a pro or a con depending on your organization's needs, but it is important to factor in the additional cost of this storage into your backup and recovery plan. 

Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions Comparison








Schedule Customizable 

Automated 3x/day 

Schedule Customizable 

Schedule Customizable 

Cloud or On-Prem 





Security and Compliance 

AES 256-bit encryption 

AES 256-bit encryption  

AES 256-bit encryption and Sophos Endpoint Protection 

AES 256-bit encryption 

Unlimited Storage 





Microsoft Teams Backup 












Backing up your Microsoft Office 365 data is incredibly important as Microsoft does not take responsibility for any losses when their outages cause you data loss. When choosing a backup solution, your organization has many choices but it is important to make sure that the one you choose has key features such as unlimited storage, security and compliance features, and easy management. Some of our top choices for backup solutions are Datto's Backupify, Barracuda, Veeam, and Arcserve. 


For a free consultation on which Microsoft Office 365 backup solution will work best for your organization contact Datalink Networks today. 

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